Welcome to my 2010 Illustration and Fine Art portfolio

I create beautiful, colourful art that reflects a passion for the environment and different world cultures. Although best known for my colourful paintings and illustrations based on the labour-intensive technique of batik, in 2009 (as in previous years) I successfully completed commissions in oils and in pastels, as well as illustrations in Batik - so please do have a good look through my site as you will find many other styles here too.

If you are looking to commission illustrations please don't just look at the 'illustration' section; you may find what you are looking for under a different heading.

If you are considering commissioning me to facilitate workshops, you'll find some information on my CV (under 'Information') and I can also post a workshop booklet and / or other information on request.

There is a 'Contact me' section, CV etc., which is at the end of the menu (under 'Information') or can be reached via information shown by the images (click on the icons). To come back to this page at any time click on the large icon, top left.


Do keep visiting, and I hope to hear from you soon.