The collector / commissioner is deemed to have read and agreed to the following conditions when buying a print (of any type or size), buying an original artwork or commissioning a new work of art from Syrah Jade Arnold. All of the following terms and conditions apply.


The full copyright of artwork, including roughs, produced by Syrah Jade Arnold remains with the artist, unless the artist has sold copyright in a separate agreement, in full or in part, to the collector or company concerned. All terms and conditions under Copyright law apply.

No part of any artwork produced by Syrah Jade Arnold may be reproduced or utilised in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the artist / illustrator.

Under Copyright law the artists’ work is automatically protected with or without the copyright symbol and it is therefore illegal to make copies, sell copies, or use any part of the artwork on this site without a written, signed agreement being entered into.

The artist will sue if a breach of copyright is identified.

Please do respect the livelihood of artists.

Buying originals and prints:

All details provided are accurate and correct to the best of the artist’s knowledge.

The colours and textures of the art work on this site are as close to the originals as possible. However, buyers should be aware that original artwork and prints may look different in reality than on a screen.

Collectors of original artwork will be provided with a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ signed and dated by the artist.

Ownership of the artwork is dependent upon completion of payment and does not grant the new owner any reproduction rights or copyright.

The collector is responsible for ensuring all reasonable steps are taken to protect the artwork from damage once it has become the collectors’ property, including not subjecting the work to excessive heat, light or damp.

Prices shown do not include delivery – please see ‘payment’.

All other terms and conditions as for buying prints apply (where applicable).
Please also refer to ‘Print prices' for further details.

Packaging and Delivery:

Artwork will normally be delivered within twenty-one days, subject to unforeseen circumstances.

Artwork will be securely packaged and all work will be insured for the sale value. In the event of artwork arriving damaged or going missing the collector must contact the artist as soon as is reasonably possible. The incident should then be reported to the artist in writing, providing full details.

In such an unlikely event as work going missing or being damaged in transit, the artist will do whatever is reasonably possible to ensure that the situation is satisfactorily resolved. Please note however, that except in exceptional cases, the artist will not be able to replace artwork until the original delivery has been returned (where possible) and the insurance claim resolved with the delivery firm.


For private purchases:

The artist must receive full payment before artwork can be released to the collector. Payment must also include delivery fees, which the collector will be advised of within three working days of receiving the order. Alternatively, collectors can forward payment and then arrange to collect artwork direct from the artist if this is more convenient.

Payments must be made out to Syrah Arnold in pounds sterling. The artist regrets that she is unable to accept credit card payments. For the collector’s protection, please do not send cash through the post.

For commercial commissions:

An illustrator’s contract stating full terms and conditions will be sent, unless the company provides its own illustrator’s contract. The artist regrets that she is unable to accept a commercial commission without a contract agreed and signed by both parties.

Unforeseen circumstances

When fulfilling an order the artist will do her utmost to meet agreed delivery dates. The collector will be informed as soon as possible of any unforeseen circumstances such as delays with the delivery firm, accident or illness, whereby continuation of work is temporarily interrupted. Where such situations occur the artist shall arrange a new delivery date with the collector, to be as close to the original one as possible.

Artists assurance

The artist hereby warrants that the works of art are original designs and (to the best of the artist’s knowledge) are not in breach of any existing copyright or in breach of any Agreement not notified to the collector / buyer.

Moral rights

The artist, Syrah Jade Arnold, asserts her moral rights to be identified as the creator of the work.

If the artist has used terms which the reader is unfamiliar with or if the reader has any queries, please contact the artist at the address provided. Thank you.


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