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Prices paid for artwork are those shown on this web-site at the date of the order being received by the artist. Please also see terms and conditions.

Whilst Syrah tends to measure artwork in mm, most printers use inches. Therefore, all measurements shown below for prints made to order are in inches. Please contact Syrah Jade Arnold if you are unclear about any of the measurements.

All prices for prints include printers VAT at 17.5%. Please note these prices are subject to change depending on the printing and delivery firms used.

Print Size (inches) Price
6x4 £24
7x5 £25
8x8 or 9x6 £26
10x7 or 10x8 £29
12x8 or 10x10 £30
16x12 or 18x12 £36
20x16 £47
24x16 £50
30x20 £64
40x30 £97

Syrah Arnold's prints of original artwork are extremely collectable and are truly limited editions! Work is printed to order and can be produced to the size that you, the collector, wants, making the artwork perfect for any large, small or unusual spaces. It also affords you more financial choice when choosing artwork.

Syrah has an extensive archive of art recorded on transparency, which can be printed to order for any discerning collector. Printing from a 5x4 transparency ensures that the reproduction is as close to the original colour as possible and this method also retains far more detail than a slide or smaller negative would. It may be possible to produce prints from artwork currently not recorded on transparencies; please do enquire if this is of interest to you.

Sizes provided for photographic prints are approximate. The art image will be printed as large as possible; its 'longest' side will determine the dimension of the rest of the image, with the Rest (printed) In Proportion (RIP). Unless you request otherwise, all prints will have a small 'bleed' area (white border) around the image to allow a card mount to be attached to the print at a later date.

Prices shown are per print and do not include a mount or delivery. Please ask Syrah Jade for a quote if a mount is required. Please also be aware that this may incur additional time in preparing and delivering the art-print for you. Syrah will, however, do her utmost to ensure that you receive the artwork within a twenty-one day period, and delays will be advised of as soon as reasonably possible. Artwork will be securely packaged and all work will be insured for the sale value.

If you would like help in choosing the right frame, please contact Syrah Arnold.

You will be advised of delivery charges normally within three working days of placing an order, and you should then add this charge to the artwork fee and send full payment to the address given. Syrah regrets that she cannot proceed with an order until payment (in full or a percentage agreed upon) has been received.

If there are terms that you are unfamiliar with or if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Syrah Jade Arnold.

Thank you.


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